Bollywood Reacts Strongly Against Donald Trump Wins Over Presidential Election

In United States Presidential election, Donald Trump comes out as a clear winner against opponent Hillary Clinton. This news comes as a shock not only for The Citizens of US but also for the whole world. In and out people were giving their strong reactions on this breaking news. Even Bollywood couldn’t stop themselves to open up their views on Donald Trump, 45th President of America.

In the recent past, it was expected that Democratic Party leader Hillary Clinton will win this cat and mice race but history has been written on a different note. It was Republican party leader Donald Trump who stole the show and the limelight.


Recently, Bollywood Dabangg Salman Khan even supported Hillary Clinton for the presidential election but the results have turned the table in Donald’s favor. So this clearly means that Bollywood is against with the win of Donald Trump.
This is how Bollywood celebrities have voiced their opinion against Trump on Twitter:

What do you have to say about Donald Trump Win and Bollywood Celebs Reactions? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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