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Bigg Boss 13: Siddharth Shukla Said To Salman Khan, ‘Rashami Would Come To My House’

In today’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla opening big secrets in from of Salman Khan. Shukla called her ‘aisi ladki’ and ‘naukrani,’ Rashami responded by calling him ‘neech’, ‘nashedi’ and other cuss words. Today A glimpse of tonight’s episode showed Salman Khan blasting the two but things only got worse.

 Salman Khan asks Sidharth Shukla to define what is ‘aisi ladki matlab Rashami Desai jaisi ladki’. This pissed the actress and she started yelling and abusing Shukla, who warned her to not to poke him. Rashami then makes some personal revelations to Salman and says, “Ghar pe bulana band kardiya, aisi matlab kaisi Hui main sir?”
To which Shukla defends himself by yelling, “What I meant was there was the time when she would come to my house.” Salman Khan stopped both and ask them not to bring their past history here on the show.
“Why are you getting your past out here? What is this? Aapko pata hai ki is box mein gandgi hai, hum bol rahe hai gandgi hai, fir aapko kyu who box kholna hai?” shouts Khan.

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