Bigg Boss 12: After Homophobic Comments Against Him, Rohit Suchanti’s Mother Comes Out In Support Of Him


Bigg Boss 12 is spicing up each day with major wars going on between the housemates! Although none of the housemates except a few seem well behaved this season, the most eye catching and fire catching recent issues in the house was passing of a certain homophobic remarks and comments by a certain contestants on the wild card entry Rohit Suchanti! Here’s Rohit Suchanti’s mother taking her son’s stand!

The Homophobic comments against Rohit Suchanti were absolutely disliked and revolted by a lot many people who slammed the people who passed such comments! Not only did this rage show up on social media, but also on the show itself where Salman Khan was seen bashing the celebrities for making such statements! Bigg Boss is sure of having atleast one such controversy each season but probably this time it became bigger because of the contestants involved in it!

Rohit Suchanti’s mother has now come out in open to stand for her son against the homophobic comments passed over the guy in Bigg Boss 12 house!

His mother wrote a long note addressing Bigg Boss, the other contestants and the fans in all, speaking her heart out, showing her displeasure towards the comments passed against her son! Although Karanvir Bohra got a clean chit of not passing those comments, the others still hold guilty!

Lets see what twists and turns do we get to see in the house now! Stay tuned for more updates! Write your feedback and suggestions to us in the comment section below!