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Bigg Boss 10 Updates: Gaurav Chopra Gets Eliminated from The House

Gaurav Chopra Gets Eliminated !!

Bigg Boss 10 house has been one of the most controversial house till date. It’s always in the headlines and contestants inside the Bigg Boss house make sure that the audience outside keep getting regular dose of entertainment. So, last week Bigg Boss 10 makers decided that there will be no elimination as last week was Salman Khan’s birthday. But nothing can be predicted inside the Bigg Boss house. And that’s when unpredictable happened.

Bigg Boss 10 , Gaurav Chopra
Bigg Boss 10 , Gaurav Chopra

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Owing to exceptionally rude and arrogant behavior of one of the most controversial contestant of Bigg Boss house Priyanka Jagga, Bigg Boss had to change it’s rules. Priyanka Jagga was eliminated last week from the house. And her exit was unplanned and sudden. It was being said that even the super star host of the show Salman Khan got extremely irritated and that’s when he decided to eliminate Priyanka. Priyanka was not eliminated in the usual fashion. Normally, contestants are nominated first owing to their poor performance in the tasks. And then out of the nominated contestants audience vote and the contestant who gets minimum vote is eliminated from the show. But nothing of that sort happened with Priyanka Jagga. She got eliminated owing to her excessive violent and aggressive behavior with other contestants. Salman Khan tried to talk to her and sort out things but she replied her also in an extremely offensive manner and that’s when Salman got extremely irritated and he asked Priyanka to leave the show. It was shocking to see Salman Khan so irritated on the national television for the very first time.

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Gaurav Chopra , Priyanka Jagga
Gaurav Chopra

But that was all about the last week’s episode. Bigg Boss makers have decided that this week owing to the week of New Year celebrations, there will be no elimination. But again something unpredictable happened and someone will get eliminated from the show tonight.

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