Bigg Boss 10- Lopamudra Breaks Household Stuff’s because of her temper.

Just when the battle of captaincy was over and one winner was announced, Bigg Boss 10 house witnessed a whole new level of drama among the contestants. As soon as Rohan took over the captaincy throne, he started making changes in the household chores and rest of the things. Well, things are heating up inside the house but this time, it’s going to be like never before.


In tonight’s episode, you will see another argument between Lopamudra and Rohan. It all starts when Rohan asks Manu and Manveer to in the jail as a punishment and ignores to give them a reason for the same. Just when Manu and Manveer ask the reason behind sending them to jail, Rohan says he is in no mood to give a reason. This creates a heated argument between them.