Bigg Boss 10 Highlights: November 25 Episode Saw Housemates Boycott Om Swami And Many More

Bigg Boss 10 house is no less than a battle of brains and words. Sometimes the situation even gets murkier when Om Swami starts giving his piece of advice to all the fellow house mates. On the November 25 episode, we have seen a lot more drama than an average TV soap does!

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om-1Rohan,who was named as a captain, was being asked by Bigg Boss to take 4 worst performers of the task. Presumably, Om Swami was the first name being taken by Rohan and soon Om Swami targeted him. Om Swami lost his temper yet again and even goes on to call him ‘ganda khoon’. Even Rohan loses his cool and calls him Pagal after his targeting words.Rohan than took the second name of Lopamudra and she too targets him with quick words. The other two names were Nitibha Kaul and Mona Lisa.


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