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Bigg Boss 10: Here’s The Punishment For Lopamudra and VJ Bani For Physically Attacking Each Other

Bigg Boss Season 10 is just few weeks away for its grand finale, but looks like there is no stopping of fights in the house as far now. Recently, Bigg Boss has introduced a BB Call Center Task in which contestants were divided in to two groups. One were Call Center Executives and the others were Custumors. At latest, we heard that, all hell broke between Lopamudra and Bani J in this task and soon their fights turned ugly.


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Let me tell you what really has happened! In this task, Manveer Gurjar, Lopamudra and Manu Punjabi were the executives. On the other hand, Rohan Mehra, Bani J and Nitibha Kaul were the customers. Interestingly, Monalisa was the san chalk of this task. As per the guidelines, in this task the customer have to provoke the executives with their harsh words and the executives must be silent and listen to it. If the executive cuts the call, he or she will loose points. So it was Bani J’s turn and she preferred to call Lopamudra Raut. She says to Lopamudra that she is dependent on her father and she has no more work to do. Well, this surely made her angry from inside but Lopa didn’t utter a single word. In the vice-versa, now the customers became executives and executives turned customers. Soon, Lopamudra calls Bani J and says that she try to gain sympathy in the house by taking her mother name.

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