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BIGG BOSS 10 : Bani-Lopa Get Into UGLY Fight; BASH Up Each Other!

The housemates are given a new task this week. Bigg Boss house has turned into a call center and wherein the housemates are divided into two teams- call centre executives and customers. While Manveer, Manu and Lopa are given the responsibility of the call centre executives who have to patiently listen to their customers’ complain, Bani, Rohan and Nitibha are asked to be the cranky callers.


While the executives have to maintain their composure and try to give a suitable solution to the customer’s problems, customers have to make sure that they irritate the executives and instigate them to disconnect the call. As Manu, Manveer Gurjar and Lopa begin strategising and etching out a plan, they anticipate that Bani and Nitibha will become the troublemakers during the task.

Now, during the task, Lopamudra said something shocking about VJ Bani’s mother. And Bani who has previously also turned aggressive on the issue and is rightly touchy about anything that’s said about her mom , reacted even more aggressively this time.

A knockdown drag-out fight between Bani and Lopa brings the Bigg Boss 10 house down. Looks like the ongoing friction between Lopa and Bani won’t cease and they both are leaving no opportunity to pull each other down.

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