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Bigg Boss 10 : Check Out The Nominated Contestants!!!

The television reality show, Bigg Boss 10 has started off with the star host Salman Khan. The show is known for its controversies and has been able to keep the audience glued to it for all the nine seasons with its innovative concepts. And yet again, the show has managed to keep upto the hype as for the first time commoners have entered the Bigg Boss house. 8 commoners and 7 celebrities have made their grand entry into the Bigg Boss house for an amazing journey that will last for few months.

The show kicked off very well and the contestants have been assigned their first task where the celebrities will act as ‘Sevaks’ to the ‘Malik’ commoners and this has divided the house between the celebrities and the commoners.

Well, among all the updates, we have news about the first nominations of Bigg Boss 10.

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