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This is an interview of Mumbai based upcoming star of Bollywood, Ashmita Bakshi. She has won a numbers of contests and now trying out her luck in Bollywood. This interview is taken up by a popular Filmy Mantra reporter, Sohail Syed. Let’s check out their conversation.

Sohail: Hi Ashmita

Ashmita: Hi

Sohail: How are you?

Ashmita: I am good, great, great…

Sohail: Great.. Okay.. so.. Tell me.. What is your been life to be so far?

Ashmita: Life has been interesting as well as boring because since childhood I have done studies in my life. I did my science in IT and then MBA and finally I decided to do which I like personally because I participated in plays like inter college festival, fashion shows and street plays in my school and college time then I thought if I have so much interest in these things then why not get into it after my studies. So thought to give a shot into it and get into acting.

(This seems so great to take decision into be this industry by your talent)

Sohail: So you like it haa..

Ashmita: yaa, of course I love it.

Sohail: Wow, It’s really nice. Okay, so tell me something about your upcoming movies.

Ashmita: hmm, I have 2 upcoming movies. 1 is “Black Home” which is releasing very soon and second is “Makkad Jaal- A political Trap” that’s releasing in January and apart from this the movie which I am shooting right now which is on floor, the name is “Honeymoon Hungama” so that is also tentative to come in the next year.

(Wow, this is very good to get opportunity of watching such movies and the title seems so interesting itself)

Sohail: Okay, so who is your favourite actor?

Ashmita: hmm..I guess all are good, there is n one special.

Sohail: Still…

Ashmita: hmm.. i want to work with everyone. There are 2 actors who are my most favorite. They have little generation gap because of age otherwise there is no difference in looks. They’ve maintained so much. One is Akshay Kumar and second is Siddharth Malhotra. I really want to work with them once.

(yes of course, bollywood industry has numbers of big stars)

Sohail: You will definitely get a chance.

Ashmita: Thank you

Sohail: I’ll pray for you.

Ashmita: Please do that.

Sohail: Okay, what are your future plans?

Ashmita: now I am waiting for my movies to release and I know that I am going to do my best in all the movies or anything whatever come in my way so this is my future plan right now.

Sohail: Okay,” Apni movie ka ek dialougue suna dijiye hamare viewers k liye”

Ashmita: (Smiles) okay, I am saying dialogue of my movie “Makkad jaal- A political Trap” Where my hero and I have fight and he said “meri murgi ko jo kayega, murgi k saath saath woh bhi jayega” and at I replied to him that “murgi hogi teri maa, mera naam Neha hai Neha , samjha!” and I’ll just walk away.

(you have got great confidence indeed)

Claps by Sohail!

Sohail: Amazing, Now, I want you to sing a song for us.

Ashmita: Sing a song!! Please that is something I can’t do. I mean you can ask me to say whatever dialogue.

Sohail: our viewers want ki you sin g a song (by insiting). Please sing any of your favourite song.

Ashmita laughs her heart out..

Ashmita: Okay. There are lots of favourite songs but I will sing song of my movie. Just a single line because music is releasing soon and I love the music and songs of the movie….. So it is a dandia song and we play that song in dandia but its yet to viral so it go something like “ chail chabeela, rangeela………….”


(Amazing, she must try out music career as well.. )

Sohail: Fabulous! Fabulous!

Okay, you come to this field. Do you get support of your family? Did you family convinced by you?

Ashmita: hmm…initially it was very difficult. Because, maybe I will be late since gone from morning yto evening because there will be lots of auditions to give in this field. Sometimes there will be meeting or sometime you will get urgent call to come right now whether it is 9 of the morning or 8 in the evening. So it was little difficult initially but later on they will see that this is my life means I have to give my life to this industry. I feel this as my passion and I dedicatedly wanted to do this hook or crook so later on they definitely supported me of course.

(Hats off to your dedication! Your family must be proud of you.)

Sohail: okay, and what is your opinion about Amir Khans upcoming movie “Pk Poster”?

Ashmita: Whoa, It has very attractive posters. From Audience point of view when It is obvious that the subject is very strong if the movie is of Amir Khan but if there is fresh face still we eager to the film. Definitely movie would be very good regarding subject specially. If the movei is of Amir Khan then I have no comment. It will be surely good. Who am I to comment Definitely if he has done something then it is definitely justified and meaningful

(Yes, of course. Amir Khan always has strong subjects and no one should comment that’s why he is Mr. Perfect!)

Sohail: okay, if you will get any opportunity to do some explosive picture, will you do it?

Ashmita: Yes, I don’t have any problem if subjects demand that and it is within the limits of not being vulgar I would do it.

Sohail: Okay

Sohail: I want to dedicate something for you. I hope you don’t mind.

Ashmita: No, I don’t mind.

Sohail: Sure

Ashmita: yaa


Sohail sing a song for Ashmita- “ye chand sa roshan chehera……”

Claps by Ashmita– thank you thank you

Sohail: What type of movies you like to do?

Ashmita: hmmm…If I get a chance to select, first of all you will never deny if you get something good but personally I would like to play “Kahani or Dirty Picture” movie

(Nice choice, these are very strong movies)

Sohail: Wao, it’s something different. I like it

Ashmita: because when Kahani picture came I was not in the industry, I was just planning out. I am wondering if I get something like and if this talk reaches to Ekta Kapoor then I will surely do.

(Ekta is watching you out..)

Sohail: Whoa, Ashmita Kaur in Dirty Picture 2

Laughs by Ashmita

Sohail: Okay, So last question.. do you want to say anything to our viewers of Filmy Mantra?

Ashmita: Ya, Filmi Mantra is a great platform where you will get lots of news of Bollywood and wish you happy Diwali in advance.

She seems to be a very confident actress, who has the aspirations of working with big stars. This interview clearly unveils her excitement towards different icons of Bollyood.

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