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Amy Jackson’s passport gets stolen – British Consulate helps her procure a new one !

Amy Jackson who is currently travelling to different places across the globe for a video travel blog , recently met with a dilemma which ended up being quite a different experience for her.
Amy Jackson (11th September 2015)1157
While in Spain , her travel bag,her wallet, passport , money and cell phone got stolen .
With the assistance of the Embassy of Spain,the actress flew down from Spain to Barcelona to procure her emergency travel documents from the British Consulate.
She then had to return to the UK and apply for a new passport.
Amy Jackson (11th September 2015)0935-1
¬†When contacted confirmed Amy, ” Usually there is a long procedure involved in getting your passport made all over again but I am truly thankful to the Embassy of Spain and the British Consulate for being so cooperative and helpful ” .

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