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After Sushant’s suicide another celeb reveals about her past suicidal thoughts!

Sushant Singh Rajput’s shocking demise has gripped the whole film Industry. After Sushant’s suicide, many celebrities from Bollywood and Television industry are coming out talking about the importance of mental health and sharing how they have been through difficult times, too.

When we hear the news that someone has committed suicide we often look for the reasons like money, love-affair, failure or anything that fits our reasoning but overlook the possible mental health issue. Coming out bold and brave about her difficult times and on her long post on her social media account, Navya fame Somya Seth shared how she once tried to commit suicide herself, but couldn’t.

The television actress, whose marriage with Arun Kapoor ran into trouble after the birth of their son Ayden in 2018, shared a three-page long post about suicide and how one can overcome this feeling successfully.

In her post, Somya suggests that if nothing helps, then one must stand in front of the mirror and realise that they are capable of passing through the difficult times on their own.

The actress also revealed how she once wanted to commit suicide, but she couldn’t as she was pregnant. She also shared about her deep feeling of being ‘unloved and abandoned’ even though she used to go to parties, hug people and laugh.

Somya Seth in her long post urged people to seek help if not from others then themselves. The actress requested them to ‘be strong and inspire others to be stronger’. Her caption read, “Never imagined I would share my personal notes ever !! But hoping this could help someone who wants to hear it.”

Talking about Sushant Singh’s suicide several TV celebs including Hina Khan and Dipika Kakar expressed their shock and grief on their social media accounts.

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