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Adhyayan Suman And Sona Mohapatra’s Infurious Twitter War

Bollywood actor Adhyayan Suman, who recently opened a lot about Ex-Kangana, lately caught up in to the twitter war. We know that, Adhyayan speaks about his past relationship woes with Kangana in recent interviews. Soon after that, Adhyayan received a lot of praise from fans for opening his heart out against Kangana. On the Contrary, Singer Sona Mohapatra finds Adhyayan’s interview as a senseless thing.

Sona Mohapatra, who knows for rendering some soulful songs in Cinema, hit the red light button for Adhyayan Suman. Sona took to twitter and blatantly suggested Adhyayan  to go for a brain surgery. In return infuriated Adhyayan even replied about her in some serious words. Soon after that their twitter war started and went on to an intense level.

A series of targeted post Sona and Adhyayan engaged the twitterati and compel them to be intrigue in their social media clash. Their tweets started trolling online and became the hot debate topic for their fans.

If we take a look at the tweets, you will clearly realize that how angry they are with each other. Now the question arises here, Why Sona became so furious about Adhyayan? We just wish that the two of them don’t raise the matter further and be quite. As we already have an ongoing legal tussle between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan, which not seems like ending soon.



Adhyayan had already revealed a lot about Kangana in Interviews, which framed Kangana in the negative picture. Though, Kangana or her Lawyer didn’t come up to reply Adhyayan, which also gives an indication that whatever the ‘Heartless’ actor said is certainly true. It also looks like, Adhyayan will be called for the interrogation in Kangana-Hrithik legal brawl. As he could also help to reveal some serious information in the case.

Till now, the case is getting murkier and we just wish the things to get better for all.

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