Bodybuilding has gained immense popularity since the last few years. One man who is making a significant contribution to the Iranian bodybuilding community is Mahdi Parsafar. He is a sports manager working in this field for almost a decade. Since the last 8 years, Mahdi has helped in solving many complex problems faced by Iranian athletes and the community. He has got tremendous knowledge about bodybuilding and with his experience, Mahdi has worked with many reputed athletes and bodybuilders including Baitullah Abbasport and Hadi Choopan.

The sports manager has changed the face of Iranian bodybuilding and brought the best talents from his country at the global level. While Iran is a country with a lot of talented sportsmen, many athletes never got the exposure to represent themselves. Mahdi has brought out many talented athletes and has changed the game of Iranian bodybuilding. Beginning his career in 2008, he became the sports manager of Baitullah Abbasport aka Baito. However, the powerful bodybuilder passed away in 2015 because of a life-threatening disease.

After Baito’s sad demise, Mahdi Parsafar did not step back from helping the Iranian bodybuilding community. He got associated with Hadi Choopan, his childhood friend. With their deadly combination, the duo took over the world and now they are ruling the bodybuilding roster. While praising Hadi, the Iranian sports manager said, “I have known Hadi since ages. I must say he is a genius in this field. A hardworking and deserving talent who has made his name on an international level.”

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