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Villainy Side Of The 7 Protagonists Of Bollywood

“Villains give spice to the movies. They are not afraid of death, they wrap themselves in the suit of armors.” Comparatively Villains always get more popularity than heroes in movies. Actors have  gathered more appreciation by doing negative roles in reel life. But the same actors are often criticized by the mass for being real life villains. Let’s see the list of actors who are real life villains. Here are 7 such actors.

1. Salman Khan:

The bad boy of Bollywood Salman Khan is ruling Bollywood from last two decades. He has massive fan following and he is famous for his notorious acts. He has been in news for all the wrong reasons. He molested one of his ex- girlfriend and slapped her. He was engaged in hit and run case, where he drove his Toyota on homeless people sleeping on the footpath, killing one and leaving four injured.Later he was sent to jail for 5 years. He allegedly killed two endangered black bucks. Once he slapped one of the journalist and had been in limelight because of his short tempered attitude. Due to some personal grudges he threatened one his co-star and made headlines. Ahh.. This reel life good boy is a real life bad boy.

Indian Bollywood actor Salman Khan (2R) celebrates and wishes his fans Ramzan Eid Mubarak at his residence in Mumbai on July 18, 2015. AFP PHOTO (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)


2. Sanjay Dutt:

Sanjay Dutt is the son of Sunil Dutt and Nargis. He was a drug addict in his school days and was sent to rehabilitation for the treatment. He himself stated in one of his interview that his addiction was lasted for whole 9 long years. In 1993 he was found guilty for keeping arms which were used in Mumbai blasts, which killed 257 people. He was sent to prison for 6 years. Now court has reduced it to 5 years and he is in jail right now dealing with his remaining years of punishment.



3. Shiney Ahuja:

The ‘Gangster’ hero was struggling for his career and was almost absent from lime light when a news related to him shocked the entire nation. He was accused of rape by his maid. This was the most heinous crime and we never expect something like that from any of our hero. Although his wife came to defend him but all the evidences were against him and he faced charges. He later on confessed of molesting the girl. Aah.. He is the real villain.



4. Saif Ali Khan:

Nawab of bollywood, Saif Ali Khan is a short tempered man. He made headlines when he punched a fellow diner at a restaurant and was dragged to jail. He did so because the fellow diner was making noise. Saif Ali Khan is many times accused of violent behavior. He seems too cool in his reel life but loses wits frequently. once he was  accused of possessing illegal arms.



5. Rajpal Yadav:

This one is quite shocking. It is difficult to consider him a villain as he is known for his comic roles in different movies like ‘Maalamal Weekly’, ‘Bhool bhulaiya’ etc. He was sent to 10 days imprisonment for making misleading comments and hiding some facts of around 5 Crore rupees.



6. Madhur Bhandarkar:

We all are aware of Madhur Bhandarkar as the maker of National award winning movie ‘fashion’. He definitely needs no introduction. He usually come up with real life stories in his movie. He was accused of rape by an aspiring model. Though charges were later dropped but he came under the list of villain after that accusation.



7. Monika Bedi:

Monika Bedi is the only actress in this whole list of villains. She was an aspiring star when the news of her being the girlfriend of Don Abu Salem came up. After all those news her career doomed and she was put in jail for having a relation with this gangster. She entered Portugal without proper papers and was arrested and dragged in to jail.


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