7 Signs that shows it’s Lust not love

Lust or love ? Assume you are in relationship and have trust on your accomplice and have durable plannings which makes you the favored one on the planet and it finishes you from all methods, however do truly you both are enamored? what if it’s desire? Here is Signs which shows it’s desire not love.

You’re dressed to impress

When you are dressing up to impress and focusing more and more on your eyebrows and your hairs and selection of clothes and sandals, these all things are superficial, in true love partners don’t really care about which dress you are wearing or or you hairs are perfect and such things, so if you are struggling with such superficial things to keep your relationship strong then it’s lust not love.

Self disclosure

Love can motivates us to reveal about our past, our future, goals, dreams, aims, and things which are more important to us, sharing all secrets going too deep in conversation with no full stop at any place, but when we are in lust we share about our hobbies, favorite movies, and we do not go deeply in the conversation, we just keep our self to stop at certain limits.

Going Fast

Things are going very fast, dating 4,5 times a week started sharing dirty secrets having se  x too early things go very fast in lust, while in love things go slowly and gradually.

You Agree on Everything

In lust you agree on everything because you are in hurry to get to the bedroom and get things done as early as possible, you just keep trying to get to the point and say yes to everything because you really don’t care as it’s not going for long term.

Emotional Connection

He/She makes you laugh and talk about crazy thoughts and both are feeling electric current while being with each other, but there is no any emotional connection, at certain point you will feel emotional connectivity but it will be the first layer of emotion and not deeper that’s lust purely lust.


Most of your memories are attached with bedroom alone, most of the time you both were horny and had physical memories, that’s why most of your memories will be attached with bedroom only there will be no memories of kindness or trip or spending time with family together.

Limited to physical relations

Lust is very good if you are up for se xual relations, being with each other feeling horny watching Netflix and eating each other chemistry is good too, living your fantasies.


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