7 Most Expensive Paid Actors Of Tollywood

Tollywood is the largest entertainment industry after Bollywood. It is known for its amazing movie scripts, filmography, and most importantly, multi-talented actors. On one side, where actors are showered with love by Tollywood fans, some even enjoy a higher bracket of income.




We have gathered the list of 7 most expensive paid actors of Tollywood:

  1. Kamal Haasan:


According to his name, Kamal Haasan is as expensive and rare actor like the flower Kamal.  His work has not only mesmerized the Tollywood industry, but also thrilled Bollywood’s audience. Kamal is one of the top paid actors of South entertainment industry. He takes about 20-30 crore per movie released by him. Moreover, he received a bagful of currency for his efforts in directing and writing too. Now, that’s what we call Simple Thinking, Royal Living.


  1. Ajith Kumar:


Ajith is one of the prominent personalities in the Tollywood industry. He brings home a package of what Kamal Haasan draws, i.e. 20-25 crore. Wow! That brings the ‘J’ factor in many of us. Looking at the figures, it is needless to say that supporting actors of Tollywood are paid better than the lead actors in Bollywood.


  1. Rajnikanth:



How can we miss the Kabali superstar, Rajnikanth? The south film industry is incomplete with him.  Would you believe that the god of Tamil film industry, Rajnikanth is the highest paid actor in Asia! He draws easily between 48-60 crore per release. The amount more likely matches his recent release, Kabali.


  1. Ilayathalapathy Vijay:


In case you know a little about him, he is one of the rock-stars of south box office. He has gifted a number of successful releases to the industry and that increases his earnings to anywhere between 25-30 crore. It is said that the amount was drawn for his hit movie, Puli.


  1. Suriya:


Suriya being one of the hottest hunks of South, draws 17 crore per release. It was also found that he took 5 crore for just dubbing a movie in Telugu language. In case you are thinking to make an entry in movies, think wise between the choices of the industry.


  1. Prabhas:


Prabhas is the nephew of legendary Telugu actor, Uppalapati Venkata Krishnam Raju. We all know that this sensational actor raised heartbeats of many in his blockbuster movie, Bahubali – The Beginning. The sources have noticed that the actor was paid 20 crore for his epic movie. Considering the success of Bahubali and appreciations received by this actor, we are sure that this guy is going to enjoy massive success very soon.


  1. Pawan Kalyan:


Apart from acting, superstar Chiranjeevi’s brother, Pawan Kalyan is a martial artist, screen writer, director, stunt coordinator, writer, and politician. Well, now that makes him a multi-skilled Tollywood celeb to make 18 crore per film.

Hope you enjoyed this expensive piece of info at no cost at all! We are excited to provide you more news, entertainment, and gossips in our next topic; 7 Movies of Deepika Padukone to Call Her a Multi-Talented Actress of All Times’.

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