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6 Pack and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan pays tribute to Salman Khan’s Sultan

Sultan-Song1Transgenders have always been avoided or rather hated all around the world. India is not an exception. Burt in the present times they are getting a new identity as the third gender of the community. Both governmental, as well as non-governmental organizations, are attempting to improve the social conditions of the transgenders. Different efforts have been made in the attempt to improve their social stature.

6 pack is one such effort to promote the transgenders of the society. It is a band that is entirely made by the third gender of the society. The best part is that the band is becoming real popular. Post teaming up with great names such as Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and Arjun Kapoor, the band has teamed up with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. In the song the band performs as the supporting singers in the qawwali style.

This new song ‘Raula Paye Gaya’ (Punjabi for creating a commotion all around) is a tribute to Salman Khan’s new movie ‘Sultan’. Through the video, the 6 members of the band are seen to perform in the octagonal ring of wrestling while the rigorous training of Sultan Ali Khan is picturised. The song delivers a message of love. The song says ‘a person who is ready to put his heart and soul for love, such a person is like a god. The person who wins the bets of love, such a person is the true Sultan (emperor)’.

The song is picturised in a great way that is not just a tribute to the movie but also a great way to promote the band. The concluding part of the video shows Anushka Sharma talking about sharing love acceptance and respect for the transgenders who have been able to overcome all the boundaries and limitations. Just as Sultan had overcome all the boundaries and barriers in order to be successful, similarly these 6 members of the band had succeeded in overcoming the limitations.

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