5 Surprising Causes of Heart Attack

5 Surprising Causes of Heart Attack

Heart Attack is the deadly disease it will never forgive to their patient. Heart Attack the common name is Myocardial Infarction. Heart Attack is actually a fault when blood supply of any part of the body interrupted and heart muscles injured because they are not receiving enough oxygen for processing.  Heart Attack happened sudden and serious as i told you this could be a deadly disease for any human. In the Heart Disease Stroke you one of main heart artery blocked cause of any blockage of cholesterol. The Heart Attack Treatment is only possible in a cardiology center.

Symptoms/Signs of a Heart Attack 

In the heart attack may you have pain if left arm than sift left arm to the left side of the neck and also you feel shortness of breath, cold sweating, ab normal heartbeats, anxiety and vomiting these are general symptoms of a heart attack but may you feel less pain in the silent heart attack 1 over 5 patient got a silent heart attack.

Causes of Heart Attack or Heart Disease

The Cause of Heart Disease or heart attack could be several but below are most common reasons or cause of heart attack.

1. Ages Cause

The age is basic cause of heart disease or heart attack the people who are older than 55 years they may could have more chances of heart attack cause of their age because in the older age your you have fat around eyelids the people who have fatty deposits around the eyelids may cause major cause of heart attack in older age. But the risk of heart attack in men increase after age of 45 and in the women the risk of heart attack increase after 55 age.

2. Blood Cholesterol Level Cause

The high cholesterol level in the body differently raise the chances of Heart Disease Stroke or Heart Attack. You should test your blood cholesterol level regularly if you are older or overweight. There is strong relation between Depression and Heart Disease.

3. Diabetes Cause

The diabetes mainly attack on your kindness and heart or may you have higher risk of heart attack if you are diabetes patient.

4. Diet Cause

The people who use high animal fats and saturated fats in their diet may they have more chances of heart attack. Because animal fats will increase the level of cholesterol in the body.

5. HighBlood Pressure Cause

The another reason of heart attack is high blood pressure this may cause of diabetes, lack of activities and some other factors. If you want to see yourself healthy and fit then you need to do regular excercise because a regular exercise is the only tips for those who are looking Tips for Healthy Heart.

General Tips for Healthy Heart

1. You should start regular exercise

2. Stop smoking immediately or any other drugs that harm for human health

3. Try to reduce your work load and stress level

4. If you are overweight than start reducing your body fat.

5. Use your medicines for high blood pressure regularly if you are high blood pressure patient.

6. Control your sugar level if you have diabetes.

7. Use less animal fats and sutured fats in your diet.

8. Check your blood cholesterol level regularly.

9. Not take much tension because it could be cause of depression or unwanted stress.

The purpose of writing this article to provide my visitors great useful information about heart disease and heart attack. This article will also helpful for the people who are searching Women and Heart Disease or Heart Disease in Women. In this article i provided very useful information, tips and main causes of heart attack. IF you are feeling unhealthy heart then you should need to consult a Cardiologist immediately without wasting time.

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