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5 Reasons Why College Life Is The Best Even If It’s Not Like Movies

Bollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the world. The Hindi film industry has lots of influence in India as well as some abroad markets. We have grown up watching Bollywood films. We often remember everything about the movies and even relate to it sometimes. Sometimes, the movie takes us to our childhood and college days. If you watch Bollywood films, you might have noticed that college lives shown in the movies don’t resemble to the real life. That doesn’t mean that our college life was not great, it was great but for other reasons. Today, we’ll give you five reasons why college lives were the best.

1. Cash Crisis


Not everyone is like Rohan Nanda of ‘Student Of The Year’. We as a student find it very difficult to manage the entire expanse during the college days. However, it also teaches us a lot. It is more than satisfying to see friends helping each other during the crisis.

2. Nights at Hostels

One of the best parts about college lives is the time spent in hostels. Nothing can beat all the time we spent in hostels with friends.

3. Placement drives

Getting a job you like is always a tedious task. We still remember the time before our first interview. If that was not enough, our friends also don’t leave any chance to pull legs.

4. Industrial visits

Industrial visits gave us an opportunity to spend some time other than college and the hostels. It gives us exposure to the real world. We have never seen this in any films, but it is one thing that everyone waits eagerly in college days.

5. An all-around exposure

College is the first place where we get exposure to the real world. It gives a 360-degree exposure. The college has lots of offer including knowledge, experience and loads of awesomeness. No matter which college you are studying in, it is the best place to get all kinds of knowledge.

Did we miss any, tell us your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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