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Rahul Bose doesn ‘ t have ambition but a whole lot of desire!

Stellar actor Rahul Bose has recently mentioned that he is content with the kind of life he leads with immense privacy. He also mentioned that since he has no ambition, there is no rush to reach somewhere.

When asked if the COVID-19 crises made him reconsider the goals in his life, the actor replied, “Not at all. I reassessed my life many years ago. I have understood where my happiness lies. I choose my friendships carefully. I live an open, easy life with a very strong sense of privacy about certain matters. I don’t push myself on people. I don’t expect people to push themselves on me. So, I have a very harmonious relationship with the universe.”

Talking about the ambition aspect, he added, “I have no ambition. I don’t want to go anywhere, or become anything. I have a lot of desire. There’s a big difference between ambition and desire. So for me, spiritually and emotionally, it (the pandemic) has taught me nothing more than I already know about myself and the world. I’ve been very comfortable with all the demands that it has put on me emotionally.”

Although there is one thing that has been challenging for Bose. He concluded by expressing, “The only adjustment that has been, which has been very challenging, is to see the pain of the Indians trying to go home. The severe pain of millions and millions of Indians just trying to go home. And that is not anywhere related to the pandemic. It could have been completely avoided. So that was a very challenging thing.”

He was recently seen in Anvita Dutt’s debut film ‘Bulbbul’ and was praised a lot for his performance. The film released on Netflix and has been produced by Anushka Sharma’s production house, ‘Clean Slate Filmz’.

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