28 Years Of Salman Khan : Take A Look At His Underrated Movies

Salman Khan, the action hero of Bollywood, completes 28 years in the industry. He is one of the most loved actors and on this special day, his fans made it a point to wish him on Twitter. Lets see what some of them had to say :



Well, apart from the action hero image, who beats up the bad guy in the films, there is another side to Salman Khan, which not many know about. No! We aren’t talking about his image as “Prem” in the 90s. There are many roles Salman had portrayed on but his image as the fighter overpowered them.

Lets take a look at some of the films of Salman which were underrated :

1. Love

Salman played the role of a rebellious man, Prithvi, in the movie which also featured Revathi Menon. It was a quite decent movie with the unconventional characters in love. Salman’s character of an impetuous and resentful yet adorable Prithvi would make you fall for him. The chemistry between Salman and Revathi was so alluring and magical. The film had ended up as an average grosser.

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