‘Shikayat’ – Visual Poetry Series | The Chai Musings


Poetry have always been one of the best ways of showing and expressing emotions. Despite the fact that gone are the days of using pen and a paper and writing letters and poems for conveying your feeling, in these days of phone calls, messages, one on one conversations, there still has nothing come up that could replace ‘poetry’! With the advancing times, the people still want to stick to the old school poetry and they take pride in using social media as a platform to express their art of composing poems!

Amidst this, ‘Mid Night Diary’ is a paperless platform available for all the people who want their art of composition be given a recognition! With numerous stories, poetry, Ghazals, Micro Tales, Open mic forum and short stories written over ‘Mid Night Diary’, they have now come up with the new most concept! The Mid Night Diary have now come up with a unique way of showing your emotions through Visual Poetry!

‘The Chai Musings’ is a visual poetry Series created by Mid Night Dairy in association with BeRock Entertainment. ’The Chai Musings’ released their first Visual Poem ‘Shikayat’ by Pooja Gupta.  They have brought together 12 spoken word artists from all over India in our first series. The poem is all about the feelings when someone leaves you one day with no promise and hope to come back.

Here is the video:

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