16 Hottest Megan Fox Magazine Covers Of The All Time! 2015

Megan Fox, the most hottest and popular Hollywood beauty who has a large fan following in the India too. The super awesome sexy star looks AMAZING on the covers of the magazine! Curating the12 Hottest Megan Fox Magazine Covers Of All Time which will surely make you love her even more now!

“Women don’t have to be desperate and try hard,” she told the magazine. “Allow yourself to be strong and powerful and men will be crawling on their hands and knees.”

As far as getting to see Megan Fox in the way that we’ve come to expect her, this month’s Esquire Magazine might be your last chance. Gone are days of her sexy roles in the film, and (from the sounds of her interview in Esquire) so are days of being “used” as sex symbol. To see the full story, you’re going to have to read it on their site.

The good news is that if this is really the last time we’ll get to see her half-naked, she is at least leaving us with some fond memories. Check out what could be very last sexy photos of Megan Fox ever in the gallery below.

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” actress, 28, gets candid about women and sexuality — and which woman she thinks is sexy — in a new interview for the racy mag.

“Poor Brian,” Megan says, shaking her head. “He doesn’t get any intimacy, ever, because my older son sleeps in bed with us. There are days when we barely say two words to each other, because if I have Bodhi, he has Noah, and then we switch. We’ve talked about going to an amazing hotel at their bedtime and coming home before they wake up, but that hasn’t happened yet. Our sex life is at a standstill.”

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