15 Sridevi Quotes Reveal What Was ‘Dearest’ to Her

Bollywood lost the finest actor-Sridevi on 24 February 2018. Her untimely death has shocked the nation. In her memory we are presenting you some of her powerful Sridevi Quotes.

1. On working with Gauri Shinde in English Vinglish

Films were always there. I wasn’t excited about any offer till Gauri Shinde came to me with English Vinglish. It just took a second to say yes after hearing the script.

2. She started her career as a child actor at the age of four in the Tamil movie and yet she says that:

I had done my bit as an actor.

3. She took a long break from her career to give time to family and enjoy motherhood

Too much of exposure toh hai hi hai, but that is what the time demands, so we have to change with it.

4. No filter

I have really worked hard. I literally slogged. So, I am happy if fans go crazy, I want that.

5. Always a creative person

If not actor, I’d have become an artist.

6. A down-to-earth person

I am very simple, all these praises scare me. I feel like a newcomer.

7. Family is always a first priority

If you are in a family, you won’t take a decision alone.

8. On being a private person

Some people think I am very arrogant, but I am genuinely a very private and shy person. I open up to people who are close to me, and with them, I am a different person.

9. Her love towards her kids

While we may slog, we’re protective of our children and don’t want to expose them to stress and toil.

10. On life journey

I’ve been working since I was four. My life has only been about shootings, studios and home.

11. On making come back

I wanted to be totally there for my kids. Now they are grown up so I can act again

12. On motherhood

I am still enjoying motherhood. There are some tough moments too. Like when my girls fall ill, it’s the worst thing for me.

13. Successful yet grounded person

I feel like it’s the first film, I feel like a newcomer. It’s a long way to go.

14. When she is with kids

Forget me being Sridevi, I am a normal mother

15. Never quitting the industry

I don’t take it as a comeback as I had never quit the industry.

Hope that these Sridevi Quotes might have you the more clear glimpse of her life. May her soul rest in peace. Stay tuned with us for more news and updates.


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