13 Bollywood Actresses Who Never Won A Filmfare Award

We all know that the Indian mainstream awards go to the kitty of most talented actresses. It is still not clear whether those actresses are having the massive popularity or not but they have the capability to alter the careers of a lot if professional.

On throwing light on the mainstream Bollywood awards, touted as most prestigious ones of the world of Hindi cinema, we find that it is crystal clear that the Filmfare Award goes to the kitty of most deserving actors.

For quite some time it is making headlines that the Filmfare Awards goes only to those actors who have made it a habit of attending the award ceremony year after year. It is not clear anyway whether this point is factually correct or not. However, the lists of actresses we are giving below go to prove that some of them despite doing very well on the silver screen never got the Filmfare Best Actress Award:

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