13 Stupendous Paintings Completed By Salman Khan

Salman is a hidden gem. Apart from acting, he has followed all his hobbies passionately. He is an ardent artist…

Shruti Sharma September 2, 2016

Salman is a hidden gem. Apart from acting, he has followed all his hobbies passionately. He is an ardent artist in drawing and painting. During his past time, Salman loves to paint or sketch. He usually paints expressions that are more serene and pious.

bhajrangi paint

He has gifted some of his great artwork to his close friends as a courtesy. Sonakshi Sinha was a fan of his art and also learnt some skills from him. Sonakshi also mentioned in one of her interviews that she has done fashion designing and thus, always had a fascination for sketching. Let’s take a look at some of Salman masterpieces.

13 Stupendous Paintings Completed By Salman Khan:


  1. The painting represents hope in the form of a baby. It also shows a close bonding between the past and the future. Salman has expressed subtle emotions in this painting.


  1. This is another masterpiece by the Sultan of Bollywood. The woman sleeping in relaxation represents spiritual peace and harmony. The painting represents grace on a woman’s face in the most subtle manner.


  1. The painting of Gautam Buddha is one of personal favourites. Buddha was the symbol of peace, spirituality, humanity, and faith. Salman has done complete justice to represent Buddha in his meditation stage.


  1. The whole world is colourless till the time your soul-mate adds the most meaningful sign on your forehead in red. The red dot on the forehead describes love, commitment, emotions, and bonding.


  1. Religion has no face, but if an artist still needs to draw it, he will draw exactly in the same manner as Salman did. We all are alike and most importantly humans. Salman strongly believes that all religions are same till they follow the path of humanity. His Being Human campaign follows the same principle.


  1. This painting epitomises pure love between two soul-mates. Their pure bonding doesn’t wish to get off each other’s arms and see anything else in the world. The couple seems to be lost in their own fairy land.


  1. The lady in the plain and simple saree with a veil displays motherhood. Salman is very close to his mother. It could be one of the reasons for this inspirational stuff.


  1. All the gods share the same vision and follow the same rule. They all teach us to look at one direction and that’s the light of your pure soul. Salman, this one is great!


  1. The Universe realises your existence and so do you, but does the world really bother? We must make the world realise our being by our good karma.


  1. Salman is completely lost in this painting. The man is trying to say a lot of things right from his heart through this painting. We are talking about the man in the painting, what are you thinking?

picmonkey collage3_1454920055_725x725

  1. The golden crown shines bright, yet Buddha is grounded and deeply engrossed in his meditation. Keep a calm mind, even at the peak of your success. Do not let the pride take over. We guess, Salman wanted to share the same thing.


  1. The painting is lost in darkness, but there is this face emerging from the dark. He has sailed through the dark clouds of life. Hope you get some inspiration by this saying.


  1. Apart from the marvellous piece of art, Salman’s abs are quite distracting as well. He has a flair for charcoal.

That’s all for now. If you are Salman Khan fan too, share your comments and rate these paintings as per your love for him. We would love to hear from you!