13 Most Complex Bollywood Movies Of All Time

Bollywood Movies often have a habit of revealing the whole story at the start of it. End number of Indian movies which you have seen, you will realize that at the first 5 minutes only we know the story and what going to happen at the end. Over the years Bollywood has evolved a lot and even a lot many genres are now being experimented by the filmmakers.


As the audience tastes are changing and they are demanding more from the movie, so the makers have a pressure to give something more to the audience. In the past few years, we have seen many complexed movies which are different from the other mainstream movies have been released. These movies are often low budgeted or it had a very weird story in it. These movies are so difficult to understand that you need to see them again to understand it. These movies are often made for the movie fanatics who really engrossed into cinema in a big way. Though these movies are critically acclaimed but it didn’t click the audience.


 We have ensemble a list of 13 Bollywood movies that are some or other way got mixed response from the audience and mostly it tanked at Box-Office:

  1. No Smoking (2007)


I bet, you will never have seen such path-breaking the movie in the Indian Cinema before. ‘No Smoking’ movie stand tall when we talk about the cult intellectual movies made in India. This neo-noir thriller had everything in it which the normal audience don’t want to see. This is the best of John Abraham at the start of his career. Director Anurag Kashyap has surprised the film fanatics in the year 2007 with this experimental cinema, at a time when the audience were mostly glued to mainstream movies. This is one of the most underrated movie of Bollywood. Only a niche audience got connected with it and the film tanked at the Box-Office

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