10 Indians Who Took Selfies To The NEXT Level; Check It Out!

Selfie is a word that has evolved over the past few years. With the invention of front camera, selfies were on the rise and eventually it gave birth to something called groupie. Nevertheless, gone are those days when calling out to strangers for clicking photos was essential. Turn on the front cam, and Voila!

Selfies are greatly beneficial when you need to capture an amazing scenario with yourself in it. Unfortunately, there are crazy Indians who took selfies to the next level.

Take a look at these hilarious photos:

1.I’m just making sure I take a good selfie, who cares about the child stuck in between my legs?

2. When bae asks, “What are you doing, baby”?

3. A friend who comes to the rescue when you can’t afford a selfie stick

4. I repeat, a friend in need is a friend indeed

5. Selfie, groupfie nand now comes in-between-the-legsfie

6. Selfie maine le li aaj, challan mera kataa aaj

7. Apna kya hai, apne ko toh sirf selfie nikalna hai

8. Last selfie with the deceased

9. Wonder if this guy is still alive or no