10 Questions Asked By Bride About The First Night In Arranged Marriage

The wedding is a sacred thing in India. It is nothing sort of a celebration for every Indian. One of the most important days in any marriage is the wedding night. However, there are lots of doubts in the minds of both bride and groom about the first night. Especially, it happens in arranged marriage, where the girl has several questions in her mind. Check out 10 most common questions asked by every bride about her wedding night.

1. How will he react after seeing hair on the private and other parts of the body if I don’t go for full body waxing?

Body hair is common things for everyone regardless the gender. However, it would be good if you trim hairs on your private part. You don’t need to go for waxing if you are not so comfortable. You should not be too worried or anxious about the same.

2. What will he think about my body shape?

No one is perfect! There are flaws in everyone that’s what makes us human. Therefore, you should be confident about yourself and don’t think what others will think. Marriage is not all about sex and physical appearance, your partner will love you for what you are.

3. Is it necessary to wear lingerie on the wedding night?

You don’t need to wear lingerie if you are not comfortable with. The only thing that matter is your confidence. Dress never defines a woman. How you carry yourself is more important than how you dress. However, if you don’t have any issue in wearing lingerie, you should go for it.

4. How can I let a complete stranger undress and see me fully naked on wedding night only?

It is a common concern but you don’t need to worry about such things, as it is going to be a magical night for you. If you hesitate, he will make you comfortable with talks or a gentle touch. Everything will happen inflow so that so you can’t control yourself.

5. Virginity can’t be lost due to various reasons. How will he react if I don’t bleed?

Those things are not of too much concern. Men don’t care about such things anymore. People are well educated about such things and are well aware of the various reasons a girl can lose virginity. Furthermore, the most important factor in a good relationship is trust. So, if he trusts you, he will never bring up such issue.

6. How much pain does it cause? What will happen if I can’t bear the pain?

It is true that sex hurts, especially for the first time. But it is also true that pain is not unbearable until a girl has some medical condition. If that doesn’t solve your problem, you can always talk to your husband. He will understand you and act accordingly.

7. The best way to say No if I am not interested, will he get angry?

No, he should not get angry even if you say no. The understanding is one of the most important factors for good relationship. If you are not comfortable in doing at wedding night, you should tell him in a polite way and make him understand. It is just beginning, you’ll have several other nights?

8. Should I take initiative or wait for him to start?

You can take initiative if you feel like it. There are men who actually like their partners leading.

9. What will happen if he enters the rooms and sleeps? If I want to sleep, will he get angry?

No, you should not worry about both the conditions. Wedding in India is pretty exhausting tasks, it is natural to feel tired. If you want to relax on the wedding night, you can do so.

10. How can I tell him that I don’t want to get pregnant after the wedding and need some more time?

Wedding night is the best time for both of you to get up, close and personal. If you don’t like to take the big responsibility of motherhood, you should convey your views to your partner without any hesitation. You should also try to know his views on the same.

That’s all, folks!


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