10 Movies That Were Loved By The Audiences But Didn ‘ t Do Well At The Box Office

We all know there are about some good movies which obviously do well at the box office, and then we come across some bad movies which actually fail to perform well at the box office. So it is crystal clear that the good movies are actually fair enough to perform well at the box office.

Then there are some movies which are having the bad script as well it doesn’t well written too but still, surprisingly those movies perform well at the box office.

Sometimes it is surprising to see that some movies are having the great script but it still fail to perform well at the box office. Maybe those movies are having high thought to provoke script which is far away from mass people to understand it so obviously those movies doesn’t work.

So this can be common reasons why those higher standard movies are ignored, and even sometimes forgotten.

But some of these movies can be considered as gems, and we know that some person can easily recognise the gem inside a coal mine once after having an opportunity, and then those worth movies will be received what it deserves.

Those movies are listed below which can be considered as gems:

1). The Big Lebowski:

“That rug really tied the room together.”

The Big Lebowski is just a well-scripted movie with an everlasting plot but sad common public failed to understand it and obviously, the movie failed to perform well at the box office. It collected $17 million only where areas the production budget of the movie was $15 million in the United States, eventually the film status cult classic status.

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