10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Owned By North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-un is known all around the world for his dictator behavior. North Korea Supreme leader is currently busy taking on America. Everyone in the world knows that voice of no one matters in front of the supreme leader in North Korea.

Reportedly, citizens of North Korea are even allowed to watch TV, listen to music and go online. Kim Jong-un is the supreme leader of North Korea and he uses his power to do anything he wants. Today we are counting down 10 Most Expensive Things Owned by North Korea Leader Kim Jong-un.

1. Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

It is also known as the Kim II Sung Mausoleum. The building is situated at the north eastern corner of the city of Pyongyang. Kumsusan Palace of the Sun is the largest palace, which has been dedicated to a communist leader.

2. Air Force

Kim Jong-Un or his party DPRK can lay its claim to the 940 aircrafts, most of them are of Chinese and Soviet origin. The Air Force has more than 110k members. This arsenal features attack helicopters, fighter aircraft, ground attack aircraft and Special Forces cargo plane.

North Korea supreme leader also has multiple air defense systems like SAM and Triple A systems, which are believed to be Soviet Designs.

3. Military Ships

His Military Ships consists of Amphibious ships, Frigates, Patrol Vehicles, Destroyers and Mining laying vessels. Kim Jong-Un has several military ships, which move around the south and the surrounding areas.

4. Submarines

North Korea Supreme leader is in control of multiple aging Soviet submarines hidden in the water of the Korean Peninsula. These submarines are of 22 Chinese Romeo Class subs, 4 former Soviet Whiskey Class Subs, and several other Romeo Class subs manufactured by the DPRK.

5. Ryugyong Hotel

With 105 storeys Ryugyong Hotel is one of the biggest hotels in the world. The construction of this hotel began in 1987 under the guidance of Kim II Sung, grandfather of Kim Jong-un. The construction was finished 26 years behind the schedule.

6. Masikryong Ski Resort

Masikryong Ski Resort is located at the top of 1,360-meter Taehwa Peak, which was built on the order of Kim Jong-Un. It is believed that more than 5000 people visit the hotel every day. Most of them are tourists, who are under strict watch by the North Korean Army.

7. Mystery Mobile Phone

There is no specific and concrete news about the phone used by Kim Jong-Un. It is suggested that he used phone manufactured by HTC, but which model no one has any idea.

8. Piano Collection

Kim Jong-Un loves pianos and also loves collecting them. He has more than 20 pianos in his collection, which are put in his multiple houses. According to rumors, he plays piano multiple times in a day. If any mistake is made, that is piano’s fault, not his.

9. Private Island


Kim Jong-Un owns private islands, whose location is also secret. The island is supposed to have several properties including the Main pad for supreme leader himself.

10. Private Golf Courses

North Korea supreme leader is the owner of some of the finest golf courses in the country. it is maintained by the force and government workers keep them in top conditions.

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