10 Body Language Signs To Know If Someone Is Attracted To You

Your body tells more than the words. Body language can tell you if someone is attracted towards you or not. Boy language compromises various things like body posture, facial expressions, eye gestures, simple touch and the use of space. Body language is also called Kinesics. It is one of the most important ways in our day to day life. You can know a lot simply reading the body language. Without any further delay, scroll down and check out this 10 body language signs that will tell you if someone is interested in you or not.

1. Attitude

Attitude is one of the most important parts of body language. You just have to read their attitude to figure out if they are into you, after all, our attitudes tell more than you think.

2. Gentle head movements

It is the best way to know if someone is attracted towards you or not. If you observe those gentle head movements, you can easily understand what is going on in their mind. It works best for females, as they do it unconsciously.

3. Smile

If a person smiles a lot when in your company, you should understand that they enjoy your company and are comfortable with you. So, if someone is laughing and smiling with you, you can be assured that they are interested in you. It is inarguably true sings suggesting their interests in you. One more thing, if you smile at someone else and get a smile in return then that person is definitely into you.

4. Behavior

Behavior can easily tell you if someone is into you or not. If someone is not treating you well enough, you should realize that they are not interested in you.

5. Analysis of attitude

It is also a very important factor when you reading someone’s body language. You just need to see the level of attention towards you and your stuff. If you feel wanted in someone’s company, then that person is interested in you and you can take your relationship further.

6. The attitude of men and women

You should check the attitude of men and women differently. If a man tries to be dominant, it means he is interested in you. On the other hand, a woman will be more tender and fragile if she is attracted towards you.

7. Thumb location

The location of thumb also tells you if someone is into you or not. If a man puts his thumb in the waistband or in pockets, it indicates that he is seeking your attention. When a woman places her thumb behind a strap of her handbag, you are good to go, folks. It shows that she is interested in you.

8. Closeness

When you are sitting with someone, the space between the two tells a lot about their interests in each other.

9. Eyes

You should definitely read someone’s eyes, as it will tell you if he or she is attracted to you or not.

10. Eyebrows

Yes, you read it right! Eyebrows can tell you a lot about the interests of someone in you. If a person looks at you with relaxed eyebrows, then he or she is interested in you.

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