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Zarina Wahab To Play ‘Reel’ Mother Of Son Sooraj Pancholi In Hawa Singh

Mumbai: Leaving a mark with her talent and acting skills, Veteran actress Zarina Wahab is back to play a doting mother of her own son Sooraj Pancholi in Hawa Singh.

Wahab would play her real life role on reel for her own son in the boxing drama based on the life of the gold-winning champion.

A close from the film production said that Zarina’s character would be the most important one as Hawa Singh’s mother played a vital role in his success.

“It is a very important role. The real Hawa Singh’s mother played a very important role in his life. The film will predominantly be designed as a mother-son story and Zarinaji is looking forward to working with her son. Perhaps she will need to tone down her powerhouse dramatics to match her son who is relatively raw,” said a production team member.

It is often seen in Bollywood that real-life powerhouse actress-mothers do not prefer sharing screen with their kids to avoid comparison.

But, walking the footsteps of the legendary actresses like Nutan and Sharmila Tagore, Wahab has also decided to play the role.

Nutan was seen with her son Mohnish Behl in ‘Yeh Kaisa Farz’ while Sharmila Tagore was seen with her son Saif Ali Khan in his dubut film Aashik Awara.

Hawa Singh is an upcoming flick starring Sooraj Pancholi in the role of a gol-winning boxing champion. It is a movie based on the life of captain Hawa Singh who was an indian heavyweight boxer.

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