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YHM: Romi In Trouble With Toshiji’s Decison


The future episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein can show that Toshiji is heartbroken to grasp Raman and Ishita in conjunction with kids left the house.

Toshiji involves meet Raman and slaps him for departure his father alone.
Toshiji also blames Ishita for not taking care of family and came here.
Both Raman and Ishita feel bad to ascertain Toshiji crying.
Apart from this, Raman goes to Bhalla house for Toshiji.
Romi (Ally Goni) is finite obtaining responsibility of house rent
Toshiji is happy to ascertain Raman and asks Simmi to arrange food quick as entire family will eat along.
The twists unfold once a girl enters and inform them regarding house rent.
Raman takes envelope from the woman and asks her that he can pay the rent.
As before long as girl leaves the house, Toshiji takes envelope from Raman and threshold it to Romi.
Toshiji tells Raman that he doesn’t sleep in the house any longer therefore he doesnot ought to pay house rent.
Toshiji tells Raman that Romi has currently began to earn and currently he can pay the rent.
Romi agrees to pay the house rent before of Toshiji however his mind isn’t able to pay the rent.

Will Toshiji make Romi realize his mistake?

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