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World Sleep Day Special: Twitter Celebrated It With Hilarious Memes And Jokes

Nowadays, social media is the most prominent platform that is used to spread awareness and celebrate many occasions in their trademark style. There are several days being celebrated nowadays. We don’t even know about several of them until you look at social media. These social media platforms are spreading awareness about these days. One such day is World Sleep Day. It was declared to create awareness among people about the importance of proper sleep.

Founded by WSF and WASM, World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society organizes this annual event. The main objective of World Sleep Day is to create awareness among people about sleep deprivation and its effects on education and social aspects.

Like any other annual days like friendship day or Valentine’s Day, World Sleep Day won’t have a national holiday and you won’t require sleeping all day in order to celebrate it rather you just have to realize how important proper sleep is.

Proper sleep is very important for a healthy life. Due to the busy and hectic life, people often tend to sleep properly, which is a very unhealthy way of living, as most of the health-related issues are related to insomniac nowadays.

Nevertheless, social media celebrated World Sleep Day in their trademark style, which is making memes and jokes. We bring you some of the funniest jokes and memes circulating on the web.

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