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Will Gayatri and Ranaji have their ‘happily ever after’?


They say marriages are made in heaven; but some are made for reasons other than love.Ranaji and Gayatriare to be married soon all because of a love letter that Gayatri wrote to Ranaji. Rajmata,who discovered the letter,saw it as an opportunity to help her family get out of their heavy debt. Gayatri’s dreams of being a queen and having a home and a family could be shattered when she learns the truth. Ranaji’s life, on the other hand, has taken a turn for the worst. He seems to have no say in the matters of his heart as hismother has completely disregarded his opinion. In fact, Gayatri lied to him about her father being a poor man just so she could get close to him.
Yet there are some burning questions which need to be answered. Will Ranaji, who is clearly fixated on his past, ever accept Gayatri as his wife? Gayatriwill make a good wife, but if her feelings are not reciprocated, will she become bitter?Will Gayatrialways long for Ranaji to loveher? If the marriage never happens, will she be able to get over Ranaji and move on?If Ranaji gets the Seth family fortune after marrying Gayatri, will he eventually dump her? Will the couple get married and live happily ever after?
Stay tuned in to EkTha Raja EkTha Rani to find out what happens to Ranaji and Gayatri’s love story.

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