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When Reel Met Real: Vicky Kaushal Aka Kamli Catches Up With Sanjay Dutt’s Best Friend, Paresh Ghelani

‘Sanju’ has beautifully showcased the bond between Sanjay Dutt and Kamli. People can’t get over this beautiful bond which Ranbir and Vicky Kaushal showed on the screen. Earlier we shared who is real Kamli in Sanjay Dutt’s life. Recently on-screen Kamli- Vikcy Kaushal shared a picture on Instagram with real Kamli- Paresh Ghelani and captioned it as ‘Real & Reel. Paria & Kamli. @pareshghelani #Sanju

Few days ago, Paresh Ghelani joined Instagram. He shared a picture with his best buddy Sanjay Dutt shared a long note along with that. His post read as- “It’s been many years of staying away from the social media, i finally give-in to embrace it. as i begin, here to you my brother @duttsanjay.

After watching the film ‘Sanju’ I was numb, numb with limitless emotions. I wanted to just hug him, hold on to him and cry. Cry endlessly to the years we had lost, to the years we stood by and witnessed this roller coaster called life and the irrevocable loss of loved ones.. To the mistakes we cannot undo, to the strength we cannot find elsewhere but, in each other.

Now, the entire world shares our story, and the story of the man who’s made me a part of his and he has thought me how to get up after every fall. It’s hard to convey how many different emotions I’m feeling at this time. How many of us can truly say that we’ve got friends who not only stand by you through thick and thin, but are as much a brother, a mentor, and your live conscience?

Sanju, you have been all that and more. There were moments I’ve relived from my own life – things I’ve forgotten, and things I’ll never ever forget – on screen.

Sanju is an ode to falling, rising, making mistakes and learning, flaws, imperfection – everything that defines the core of friendship. It is more importantly a relentless pursuit of life with all its shades. I know I share this sentiment with all friends and family close to him.

Our friendship has been exhilarating, volatile, wild and rewarding.. Our journey has often been clouded in disbelief and doubt, wondering if we will make it till the end or will fall into the labyrinth of tragedy and controversy. But here we are united, unbreakable and ready for life.

Sanju – Thank You for being a part of my life. Thank you for making me part of the Pride where we watch each others back; Thank you for always having the protective blanket over me; Thank you for the journey you’ve dragged me on lovingly and have taught me how to fight the adversity, however it may come. Look past the flaws, the women, the controversies, I love you, and now I can share it with everyone. You always have been, you are and you always will be the greatest friend, brother that anyone can ask for.

Keep roarrrrring… tiger!! #sanju #friendship”

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