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Weird And Hilarious Things Happening On The Subway

Rocking Horse

Now, this is something you don’t see every day. Or maybe you do if you talk with this iconic pair on Subway.

The phone is such a  big addiction that even in this situation, man is clearly looking at his phone!

Blue Man

This man is celebrating Halloween seriously, he turned his skin blue with two ponytails. This might scare people around him on the subway. Such a look can catch everyone’s eyes.

Dino Ride



This is actually hilarious, Men riding on Dinasour and animal in train. It is looking like they are sitting on them but actually there walking and those legs are fake.

That’s a lot of soda cans that he had to drink to make that outfit. No matter how weird it is, it is impressive. He used the waste really well. Hats off!

This is the cutest photo ever. In an open space, a little puppy is filling happiness in an empty train.

This is quite an outfit. which is looking funky. It looks like something an alien would wear if they were trying to look human but clearly didn’t know how real people dressed.

Well, that’s one way to get a whole section of the subway to yourself. That’s a lot of plastic bottles.


It is weird if I tap him on the shoulder and ask him where he got his lacy undies? Superwoman panty.

The lady is traveling with her cat hiding inside her jacket, whereas, the other two are showing flexibility and if they don’t get the seat they can hang too.

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