VIDEO: A Fan Gifted A Rose And A Personal Note To Hrithik Roshan, His Reaction Is Fascinating

Mariam November 21, 2019

Hrithik Roshan is the most handsome man in the world and the best actor in Bollywood. Recently his film War was a blockbuster and Hrithik made audiences drool over him. He has created a lot of buzz with his back to back recent hits like Super 30 and WAR.

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On a trip to Rotterdam, one of the fan  of him totally got real, recently posted a picture with Hrithik and her caption says it all!

The girl fan uploaded pictures and captioned in with a heartfelt note, “Just chilling with my childhood buddy That’s what half of my heart thinks. The other half is like omfg I just met, touched and talked to the one man I have been consistently and irrevocably head-over-heels in love with since the year 2000 wtf hahaha asgjfkshsujwovdilwl I’m shaking please hold me. Thank you so much @hrithikrules_official for making this possible. #notscreaminginternallyatall #imnotcryingyourecrying #basicallyijustdied #hrithikroshan”.

Fans across the world cannot keep calm; Hrithik Roshan’s fan frenzy stays unfathomable!

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I was pacing up and down the lobby of his hotel for an hour, and although I had been telling myself that I can be calm and talk like a normal person, I just couldn't sit down. I had dreamt of this moment for 19 goddamn years. My eyes were on the elevator the whole time, and when he finally came through it I think I had tears in my eyes. That moment was a blur actually, but the one right afterwards was something I will carry with me forever. I had got a red rose and a little thank you card with a personal note, and after introducing myself I gave them to him. . "Please read what I have written, ok?" . "Right now?" . "As you wish, if you have time!" . He started reading. The first line said: "The last time I wrote a note to you was 16 years ago in a fanmail, and I can't believe I am handing this to you now in person." . "Really?" he said. . "Yes, right after Koi Mil Gaya." . . He read the whole thing, exclaimed "How sweet!" and gave me a quick side hug. . "Basundhara, right? Where do you live?" . "Switzerland, but now coming from Germany." . "Wow all the way? Thank you so much." . "Yes, I have waited for so long." . He knows that I exist. Best five minutes of my life. And it's all because I started a baby project called @gangsofcinepur that brought me in contact with his official team @hrithikrules_official who kindly offered to arrange a special meeting with him during his visit to Rotterdam. This man is a freaking dream, I tell you. Not only the most good-looking man I have ever seen, but such a kind, gentle and humble superstar. I'm in awe, and much more in love than I ever was. @hrithikroshan #hrithikroshan #rotterdam

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 Hrithik’s brilliant performance has also been appreciated by our country’s Vice President

Venkaiah Naidu and many other dignitaries, as well. The millennial superstar has owned 2019 with his two massive films and the year totally belongs to Hrithik. He recently honoured with the title of ‘Game Changer of the Year’ at an awards function.