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What is Varun Dhawan’s biggest nightmare?

by Murtaza Rangwala

What is Varun Dhawan’s biggest nightmare?


Varun Dhawan is on seventh heaven, as his recent release Badlapur has received good reviews from critics and fans alike. Within a short time span he has achieved an enviable female following. But do you know he has a formidable fear. Yes unbelievable but true Varu Dhawan too gets Nightmares. Varun Dhawan confessed that, “My biggest nightmare is that no-one will want to watch my films!”

The youngster had taken a gamble by playing the role of a 40 year old so soon in career. But he said that, “I think it is a huge risk, but I don’t care, because at the end of the day I am doing this film because there are people who want to watch this kind of cinema. There are two sides of a coin, life is happy but it is sad as well. So, if the three films that I did showed the happy side of life in a surreal, fantastic way, then I should also be doing a film that shows the other side of life — which is extremely sad and dark also.”

Varun Dhawan further added that, ” If people live, they also die, if they laugh, they also cry, so it’s important that our films reflect that, too. Why hide it? I signed Badlapur after Student Of The Year, but I shot it last year. It is an amazing script, it’s based on true events and it’s a thriller which is true to its genre. Also, I did those three happy films and after that, I could not smile anymore. Like if one more person told me to smile I would have literally punched him! I had reached a saturation point in happiness, I couldn’t fake that happiness anymore, what I wanted to do was cry and be angry, show those emotions. Lot of actors told me, ‘Are you mad? Why have you signed this film? I was like, ‘Because I want to tell this story’.”

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