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Upcoming sequence in Tere Sheher Mein


Mantu is already upset on thinking that Amaya doesn’t love him and she simply contend along with his emotions.
Mantu is unaware concerning the reality that Amaya came to fulfill him however she couldn’t enter in his house because of her promise. Apart from this, Mantu finds out concerning however Rudra badly crushed avatar for being with Rachita.
Mantu and Rudra come face to face wherever Amaya thinks that Rudra will beat Mantu.Amaya is sorrowful by Mantu’s bitter words
But twist happens once Mantu beats Rudra in a pool and warns him to remain far from rama. Amaya tries to prevent Mantu however Mantu blames Amaya that she is wealthy and can’t care concerning individuals feelings however friendship and family is extremely a lot of vital for him. Mantu additionally tells Amaya to not come in front of him from now.

Mantu’s words break Amaya’s heart.

Gajanand has accepted Mathur family once Sneha broke out the reality to him. He has not turned dominating towards the ladies, to prevent them from doing any mistake like Sneha. He desires to watch out and defend the ladies. Rachita doesn’t take this positive and argues with him. Amaya fails to fulfill Mantu and is justificative. Uma frames Amaya in unhealthy light and asks Mantu to forget Amaya. Rudra understands Amaya’s inclination towards Mantu and additionally Rachita standing against Gajanand’s rules. He thinks to induce these items used in his decide to break Mathurs from Chobey family. Rudra follows Rachita to her class and finds rama there. He gets to understand concerning Rama’s love for Rachita and beats him up.

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