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Celebs slam news channels and reporters for stooping to a new low on Sridevi’s passing away

Indian news channels have been setting new standards of degrading the level of journalism and news reporting, the classic example being the reporting on India’s first woman superstar Sridevi’s death. The Indian media has gone ahead to sensationalise the death of the veteran actress by creating news instead of projecting the truth and facts to the public.

Padmashri Sridevi Kapoor who was in Dubai to attend the wedding of her nephew Mohit Marwah along with her husband Boney Kapoor and younger daughter Khushi passed away on Saturday night due to accidental drowning. Earlier reports suggested that the death was caused due to a cardiac arrest but it was later confirmed from forensic reports which stated that there were traces of alcohol found in her blood samples and that she lost her balance thus falling in the bath tub and drowning accidentally.

While the entire nation remained in a state of shock over the legendary actor’s death, the whole Indian media began speculating the various angles behind the death of one of the most noted actresses of Indian cinema. However, there were many news channels who stepped to asinine ways of crossing all the limits of insensibility on the issue.

A news channel had a news anchor in the bathroom with a glass of wine leading viewers to believe that the actress was drinking inside the bathroom and under its influence, lost her balance thus trying to prove that the actress was a drinker. Another channel renamed the bathtub as “Maut ka bathtub (Bathtub of Death)” with Sridevi’s photo on the wall while another showed Sridevi inside the bath tub. Well, if this was not enough, hang on! A south Indian channel not only showed Sridevi in the bathtub but also Boney Kapoor in the bathroom as if they reconstructed the scene and solved the case.


With such low ways of journalism being reported social media users reacted on media Stooping lower into the bath tub with each passing day with some calling media hitting a new low and breaking all records of douchebaggery while others calling it ‘TRP Hungry Reporting’ with the hashtags ‘#NewsKiMaut (Death of Journalism)’ and ‘#RIPJournalism’.

With the hashtag ‘#NewsKiMaut’ trending on Twitter, people including some celebrities expressed their torment over the shameful ways that some news channels resorted to over the actor’s death in order to increase their channel’s TRP’s.

Actor/Director Farhan Akhtar tweeted saying that there’s no bottom in the barrel of the graceless while Sonu Sood tweeted, I wonder after doing such reporting about a legend who lost her life..can these people sleep in peace? Ashamed to live in times where we have to see such a standard of reporting on reputed channels. #ShameOnYou ..let someone rest in peace.” On the other hand, the Indian ambassador to UAE Navdeep Suri requested media houses to show some decency and act responsibly while reporting news on such issues.

It is high time that media shows some decency in reporting on such sensitive matters.



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