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Unwell, Neha Kakkar Breaks Down When FORCED To Perform!

The dimpled singer Neha Kakkar, who has also been termed as the selfie queen was fed up of selfies when she was asked to perform on stage forcibly, beside the fact that she wasn’t feeling well. Well.. Neha was supposed to perform at a pre-wedding function (which was a bluff..the organiser lied to her, it was a wedding event!) and when she found out that it was a full fledged wedding, she felt cheated. She had to perform because she was already booked for it so she went on stage, gave a 16 minutes performance and got off the stage because she wasn’t feeling well.

The organisers warned her that she couldn’t move from that event till she completes the performance as per the stipulated time beside the fact that she wasn’t well. She went to the stage, told the people that she wasn’t feeling well and won’t be able to perform more but even then wedding guests kept clicking selfies with her. She was again forced to go on stage, sadly couldn’t take it any more and broke down while performing!

Speaking up on social media, she wrote on her Facebook profile,

“Such a Sad thing.. When you’re a Celebrity people Don’t take you as a Human being, for them you’re just a Puppet.. Was performing for a Wedding today though we always say No to Wedding Day Gigs, We do Pre Weddings.. So today the event company fooled us by saying it’s a Pre Wedding Gig when I landed they told us it’s the Wedding Day only.. So anyway I had to perform since we had already promised.. After being Unwell I performed for 60 mins and gave my 100% after 60 mins I coudnt perform more and came down, told the organiser that I’m not feeling well I’ve to leave, they said You Cannot Move from here until you Perform More.. I told those people I’m sorry I won’t be able to perform more, I’m not in a condition to perform but they all Kept on Clicking Pics with Me even after knowing the fact that I’m not well and I had to go on stage again and then I broke down on stage itself.. Coudnt control my tears.. Regretted being a celebrity for a sec. today….. I know whatever I am today it’s because of You guys.. But don’t I deserve a break when I’m not well? 😢”

Even singer Armaan Malik came out in support of her and commented on her post saying,

“Seriously take a break. I completely understand and feel you. It’s enough. We’ve had enough of Only thinking and doing things for and according to others. Do something for you.. you only get your life once.”

This isn’t the first time that a celebrity has been bluffed by an event company and definitely not the first when an artist has felt like a’s the darker side of being famous! We totally agree to the fact that sometimes celebs are used as merely a puppet but that’s all a part of fame and the kind of money that’s coming their way.

Since a lot of people thought of it as a publicity stunt or Neha’s cry for attention, earlier this evening, she also posted the video of her performance at the function :

Take care, Neha! We stand with you.

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