True And Spine Chilling Stories When GHOSTS Saved Humans Lives!!!


Ghost stories are nightmarish to almost all of us. From the young age, we are scared by the ghost stories narrated by our grandparents. Most of us have claimed to experience paranormal activities at least for once. On that basis, we never consider ghosts to be too friendly. However, here is a list of real-life incidents that can prove that these spirits have saved human lives.

Well, Yes! You heard it correct! It’s unbelievable that the ghosts who have always we are scared of have actually helped people out. Read it yourself!


Mother’s Ghost Saves Her Daughter

The incident took place in the year 2015, where a mother and a daughter has been trapped in a car that’s hanging from an icy river, upside down for 14 hours. When the rescue team has saved the kid they have noticed that mother was already lying dead. There was hardly any trace of anyone else! It has been believed that it’s the ghost of the mother.

Dead Wife Saving Husband’s Life

This story goes back to the ancient era when people used to ride horses. A man named Charles Henry Durand has reported to Chicago Tribune, telling that one night while he was returning home a white figure appeared suddenly before him and he can clearly hear his wife’s voice who has already passed away. The voice whispered that he shouldn’t go home now. The very next morning when he reached home he has noticed that a window was left broken and found a string attached to a gun. If it went off, Durand would have been dead.

Who’s the Saviour?

This story took place on an island of South California, where the people have claimed that a Grey man used to roam around the beaches. If anyone sees him, he will be safe from the hurricane that hits the shore. Does this sound weird? According to Clara and Jim, they have actually met the Grey man and their house was saved in the hurricane. There are rumours that it’s the ghost of a young man who had died to save her lover.

Woman who Died for 56 Minutes, Came Back to Life

A 50-year old woman named Sonia Burton has died for 56 minutes. The woman has claimed that she has died of heart attack and then came to life after her late husband visited her. He said it was not the right time for her to go, she must be going back to her children.

Ghosts are not always scary and bad. Right? What do you think? Put your comments below. Stay tuned for more scary news!