Top 10 Richest Indian Drama Queens Of TV Industry

We know a lot about our Television Actresses and their famous Daily Soaps. We watch their intense drama every day and we still eagerly wait for the new situations to build up with interesting climaxes. These Television serial always come alive with the leading ladies and their truly remarkable performances.  To make the serial a good one, these actresses work relentlessly day-night to give you a moment of joy and drama for 30 – 1hr on daily basis. Do you really know, how much your favourite drama actresses getting paid? It’s ok, we have ensemble a list of 10 famous Richest TV Actresses and their daily income.

  1. Krystle D’souza:   She plays Jeevika character in the famous serial ‘Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai’. This ethereal beauty currently works in different shows and easily earns around Rs. 55000 per episode.10-Krystle
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