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This Pilot Distributes 70 Hamburgers Among Passengers After Flight Got Delayed By 2 Hours

Taking flight is the best way to travel, as it saves us time and what not. After all, who doesn’t love to fly? There is a new trend among pilots that is surprising its passengers with free delicious food. Yup, that’s absolutely right! After Air India pilot ordering pizzas for all the passengers on the flight who were struck due to bad weather, one more pilot has done a similar thing.

Captain of a Mesa Airlines flight surprised its passengers with a delicious treat after the flight got delayed by more than 2 hours at Tulsa International airport recently. He bought 70 hamburgers from a restaurant named Fat Guys Burger Bar and distributed it to the hungry passengers on the flight. If the reports have any say, it is also the largest burger order the restaurant has ever received.

One of the passengers on-board took to Twitter to share the pilot’s kind gestures.

Even Mesa Airlines which operates as a part of United Airlines also took to micro-blogging platform to laud kind and warm gesture of its pilot.

Finally, it looks like pilots have decoded a formula to keep their angry passengers happy by offering delicious food. We can only hope that all the pilots take notice of this and soon start following it. It should be the unspoken rule for every pilot in the world.

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