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This Naagin Dance In A Wedding Is On Another Level, You Can ‘ t Miss The Video

Wedding in India is nothing sort of a festival. It brings all the family and friends together and goes on for days. One thing that seriously completes an Indian wedding is Naagin dance. Yes, you read it, right. Naagin dance is a must at our weddings.

Currently, a video has gone viral on the internet and social media that shows the most bizarre Naagin dance you’ll ever see in your life. In the video, one can see a baarati completely stealing the limelight from the groom.

Watch The Video:

In the video, a man can be seen dancing sitting in front of the groom on the horse. He was in his own world. Seeing all those moves, I am speechless. The most interesting part about the video is that the groom doesn’t even bat an eye. The dancer was also picking money from the groom’s lips.

Indian weddings are always filled with some interesting and hilarious moments, but this one was something else. From drunk uncle dancing to fufa complaining about things, these things can happen only in India. However, this man has raised the bar and we believe it would be tough to beat.

This Is How Twitter Reacted:











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