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This Man From Kerala Takes Bartending To Next Level, It Can’t Get Crazier Than This

The internet has made our life easy in so many ways. The internet also offers a platform that can make anyone an instant star. However, no one knows the real formula. We have seen so many social media stars with their weird antics. However, this man from Kerala is a real star, he literally justice the social media star tag with his amazing bartending skill. This man is simply a genius.

Currently, a video has gone viral on social media, which shows a young man showing his unbelievable skills while making a glass of cold coffee. The lack of expensive counters and machine can match his techniques. His moves and skills are matching the skills of an experienced bartender.

The young boy went on to rotate the glass on his plan at so much speed that your eyes will pop-up. This young fellow can put any trained bartender to shame! A Twitter user who goes by the name @rose_k01 shared this video on Twitter and it has taken the internet by storm, literally!

Watch The Video:

His spectacular bartending skills have been able to impress Netizens, who simply can’t get over it. Look at some of the best comments as proof:











That’s impressive, isn’t it?

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