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This Guy From Australia Is The Most Hated Person On Instagram For Bizarre Reason

Instagram is an amazing place. You get to see some awesome photos shared by people who want to show the world what they see. But on the flip side, you also have to deal with people who have the camera pointed towards themselves. Yes, narcissism is the word that comes to mind, but come on, there’s a little bit of that in almost all of us. We too like to show off, sometimes. But there’s a line between sharing a selfie or what you’re having for lunch and being a total douche. The line that separates the normal from the… whatever this is.

Australian playboy nicknamed Candyman who is a very popular social media star had seven ambulances scrambled to his mansion during a sottish s*x party.

On Saturday night, Travers Beynon kept his yearly fantasy at his Queensland home, also known as the Candyshop Mansion. Between 7:40 pm and just after 11 pm Paramedics answered six separate calls for help to treat “drunk and drugged” revellers.

Candyman who own Freechoice Australia providers food, drinks and entertainments free of charge, but prospective partygoers had to send a photo and fill out a questionnaire asking about their ‘freakiest traits’.

Once inside the grounds of the sprawling home revellers were treated to a fireworks display as a topless DJ provided beats and Candyman himself arrived on a speedboat wearing a bizarre black outfit.

Behind the party boy image are cigarette vending machines and tobacconists – Free choice, where Beynon is managing director and majority owner. It’s bricks and mortar business posting higher profits but battling pressure as we smoke less. It’s also a business whose executives have been accused of scorning the law and files multiple lawsuits against alleged corporate transgressors.

He’s registered trademarks including his own name allowing him to potentially brand Candyman on items from s*x toys to nutritional supplements.

And behind this all is a businessman regarded as shrewd and rich enough to have his own private banker. Still Beynon once claimed to have been conned for $380,000. He also sued his own father-in-law following a property fight.

Travers actual success starts when he started the business of tobacco in the early 90s. Now he is the Managing Director of his Tobacco company. Travers also built a “Candy Mansion” in Australia that makes him a renowned person and a celebrity. Thus he is also known as a Candyman.

In 1991 Travers Beynon married to his first wife Ninibeth Beynon Leal with whom they had two children together but he decided to split with her thus Travers divorced her first wife Ninibeth Leal in 2008. In the same year, Travers married to her second wife Taesha.

Travers Beynon is an Australian nationality Businessman and model of height 6 feet and of white ethnicity. He is well-known as Candyman. Travers earns mostly from his tobacco business.

Travers has two children name Lucianna Beynon and Valentini Beynon from Ninth Leal. The exact information about Travers affairs and girlfriends are not disclosed yet. His annual salary is $4 million and the net worth is about $50 million in the present year.





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